Fit Journey

Fit Journey - Audio


Today is a Fresh Start

This affirmation signals a desire to clean the slate and see new possibilities. It's a reminder of your optimism, and that good things are coming your way.


In This Moment

Being present and in this moment means we're observant of what's happening right here, and right now. Using the mantra 'In this moment' and adding as many simple, observant sentence endings to keep you present.


I am Worthy, I am Enough

Our self beliefs underpin our reactions and interactions with life. You are worthy of love, of delight, of ambition and joy.




Grounding with Gravity

When we're grounded, we're in a place of security, confidence and peace. There's a sense of protection, alignment and support.


Grounding Thru 1st, 2nd, 3rd Chakras

When our chakras are balanced and energy flows easily, we'll feel harmonious: grounded, creative, strong, compassionate, speaking our truth, trusting our inner wisdom and alive to spiritual connection.


Heart Chakra Meditation

Your heart chakra is the fulcrum between the grounding of the first 3 chakras (our human qualities and the world of matter), and the aspirations of the last 3 chakras (our divine qualities and the world of spirit).


Meditation For Deep Relaxation

A meditation with the breath and body moving gently in harmony, following the inhale, a pause, and the exhale, extending the length of each every couple of breaths. Enables a transition to the parasympathetic nervous system so you can rest and restore.


Flow: Bird

Exploring the breath, and imagining/visualizing the rise and fall of a favourite bird in flight, as preparation for flow.


Four Celestial Abodes

This an ancient meditation first created by the Buddhist's. Modified by Todd Norian.



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