I had very low expectations for Yoga for Runners . . . but my world was rocked. Sandy gets it – it wasn’t just the yoga! As a runner & personal trainer herself, she leads us through great stretches and poses, educating us and encouraging us to try yet be patient.

Ahhh, who says you can’t teach an old (downward) dog new tricks?! I’m hooked on yoga!

The Benefits of Regular Yoga Practice

It can be a curious challenge to get your body to move in new ways! However, you’ll soon discover that you can – and you’ll see changes each time you practice. If you can stay positive, curious and nurturing, it won’t be long before you experience significant benefits

  1. Flexibility.  If you’re training for a marathon or triathlon, you know you need to work  on flexibility and alignment, as well as on building strength and stamina. Consider yoga as a great stretch or better yet, as cross-training and injury prevention.
    And as we age, our soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) tend to become tighter and our joints have less range of motion. As we notice these changes in our bodies, we may hesitate to be active and try new things. Your regular yoga practice will make a difference with increased flexibility and ease of movement, instilling confidence.
  2. Breathing.   One of the foundations of yoga is using the breath. A deep, full breath will replenish your body with nutrients and help to detoxify. It will also connect you more directly with what's going on in your being. And it’s one critical technique you can take off the mat – such as when sitting in a traffic jam or in a frustrating work meeting – to help you relax.
  3. Stress.  Many of us carry a lot of stress in our bodies, which can lead to pain and discomfort. Stress can also cause digestive problems, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and make us feel unhappy and emotionally drained. Regular yoga practice will enable you to de-stress and give you a better perspective on the things that are stressing you. It will also give you some quiet time to figure out how to manage your stress better.
  4. Sleep.  Many of us are sleep-deprived, some of us chronically so. On the mat, we learn to slow down our heart rate, our breathing, our mental aerobics (“vrtti” or winds of the mind), and to embrace the quiet. These techniques can be invaluable in helping you to get a good night’s sleep; in fact, many studies credit regular yoga practice with improved sleep habits.
  5. Strength.  Yoga can be physically challenging, but because it is done mindfully and at a slower pace, it can be safer than some other forms of exercise. It also helps to balance out strength and alignment differences from one side of the body to the other – critical in maintaining stability and preventing injury.
  6. Community.  While your yoga practice is quite personal, there is a sense of community and belonging when practicing yoga together with others – a kinship from sharing the energy. There's unspoken encouragement from mat to mat. And of course, the occasional groan going into a challenging position usually creates an understanding smile around the room.

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