"The goal of meditation isn't to stop thinking, but to enable us to become dispassionate observers of our thoughts. When we're more detached from our worries and our fears, we develop a sense of ease, of "being" rather than "doing."

A constant state of stress

The constant barrage of technology and connectivity; the complex demands for productivity; or deeper still, buried fears that undermine confidence; stored hurts that are unhealed; dreams that are unfulfilled.  There are many layers to peel off if we are to diffuse stress.

Our body’s response to stress is to produce fight-or-flight hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These have their place in short bursts but with modern living, they are almost constantly turned “on.” After enough time with these hormones in our system, other parts of our being bear their stress: adrenal glands, muscles and joints, the digestive system. We suffer head aches, sleep deprivation, weight gain, mental fatigue, worry, anxiety and depression.

Meditation is an ancient art; people have always needed the time to step off the grid, be quiet and listen, and acknowledge their spirituality. You’ll find meditation techniques in every religion; however, you do not need to be religious to meditate.

At FitJourney, our approach to meditation is borrowed from many traditions and techniques: guided or self-directed, visualization, mantra, breathing, and so on.

This process of "letting go" is not only deeply relaxing, but has a direct healing effect on our physical health, reducing blood pressure, increasing our immunity, easing chronic pain, even minimising depression.”

“The Healing Effects of Meditation”, Carolyn Sylger Jones

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