“After many years in the gym, and many nagging injuries, I needed for help.

Sandy looked at my over-all goals, injury weaknesses and time crunches, and put together a 3-days-per-week program and schedule that is manageable while challenging.

Others in the gym are now asking me what I’m doing – how am I getting such results? Feels pretty great!”

Personal Training

All personal training sessions are crafted, coached and followed up by Sandy LeBlanc.

An initial intake session will establish benchmarks and help to prioritize your goals. We also do a physical and postural assessment to identify strength and alignment opportunities. For example, long distance runners and cyclists often have left-side/right-side differences, which can set them up for injury. As well, they may have under-developed hamstrings, leaving them prone to soreness and injury or weak glutes, leading to lower back pain and core instability. These sorts of assessments will factor into Sandy’s programming, to supplement
your running/cycling training and keep you on the road.

Many are working their way back to strength after a debilitating injury or illness (such as cancer treatment). In this case, we work closely with the information from your physician and other therapists to ensure we carefully, mindfully help you improve your health and fitness.

And as you may expect with the emphasis on Yoga at FitJourney, flexibility is a key part of any strength-training program.

Contact Sandy directly to discuss rates and scheduling.

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