"Taking the time to value the food I eat has resulted in better digestion (= less gas!), smaller portion sizes (because I’m chewing, not inhaling the food) and greater energy from the quality."

Nutrition Counsel

You can’t out-train poor nutrition.

If you are training well (4 – 5 workouts per week) and are still frustrated with your body composition results, chances are you need help with evaluating your nutrition. The first step is a consultation. You’ll be asked to keep a food/exercise/sleep/mood log for 5 straight days. This is an honest ‘slice in time’ so that we can identify meaningful changes and opportunities.

You literally are what you eat.

It’s important to balance the right kind of carbs, the right kind of fats, and the right kind of protein, and to time their intake properly with your exercise, your sleep, and your daily routine. Water is also essential for vibrancy, and for your body’s proper functioning, especially in digestion, carrying nutrients to cells, and elimination of toxins.

Portion sizes are often the culprit. We do not recommend quick-fix supplementation, but rather a whole-food approach to nutrition.

As we coach you on your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits, we may recommend more in-depth professional help from our highly respected Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Tammy Grime (www.doctortammygrime.com). FitJourney has participated several times in Dr Grime’s seasonal detox (3 weeks, using whole foods and minimal, natural supplementation), which has been highly educational and life-changing for many.


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