“I want the lithe body of a competitive swimmer; not the bulk of a power lifter.”

“I feel great after just 4 weeks. I've lost more inches than people in those reality TV shows.”

Functional Training

Functional Training (as opposed to Absolute Strength Training) is designed to provide strength, stability and synergy through all the muscle groups and joints in the body. This isn’t simply about looking good, but about keeping healthy, strong and injury-free in your sport and in everyday living.

It includes:

  1. Full 360° core (not just abs, but lower back strength, balance, proper form for lifting, rotational power, etc.)
  2. Complex movements (multi-joint, multi-muscle groups) to best mimic real life
  3. Exercises that are more intellectually stimulating, more
    mindful, more fun


  1. Focus on fluid, functional movement, requiring body awareness, control and grace
  2. Alternate cardio intervals (HIIT) with strength work. Cardio intervals provide 146% more metabolic burn throughout the day
  3. Lots of rotational movement and twist-strength exercises for true core strength and spinal stability
  4. Include single-side work to assess imbalances and address alignment
  5. Work on balance and stabilizer muscles
  6. Finish with thorough, mindful stretching of all muscle groups

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